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This user guide will help you get rolling quickly with ScalaUtils. First a brief orientation:

  • ScalaUtils, which emerged from the ScalaTest 2.0 project, focuses on aspects of testing that can also be useful in production code.
  • The org.scalautils package is included in the ScalaTest's jar, but is also available separately in a small ScalaUtils jar.
  • ScalaUtils is released alongside ScalaTest, with version numbers that match exactly. When ScalaTest 2.1 is released, for example, ScalaUtils 2.1 will also be released.
  • You can use ScalaUtils in your production code and tests no matter what test framework you use.

To get started learning ScalaUtils, take a look at custom equality.

ScalaUtils is brought to you by Bill Venners, with contributions from several other folks. It is sponsored by Artima, Inc.
ScalaTest is free, open-source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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